QMobile Noir Smart Phones are Unsecure.

The QMobile company’s Noir Series Smart phones uses MediaTek Processors (6573,6575,6577 e.t.c) Just like Micromax, Zopo, Haipai Or Lenovo A750, the best thing about Nokia Phones that i like that their IMEI cannot be changed or At least not easy or costly, (BB5), IMEI Built into the Chip or ROM, So In-case stolen, you could inform CPLC to Block IMEI, So the phone will be useless in Pakistan or could only be sold in parts like Touch Screen.

Same is the case with other brands, like Samsung mobiles even have hard reset password security.

Although you can Reflash them but not change IMEI, You could also use Anti Theft Softwares like Avast, MobiuCare with e.t.c . But now the Worst part of MediaTek or QMobile Noir Series is that their IMEI is built into the ROM and could easily be changed using software. That means in case stolen CPLC Would be helpless.

I have seen many softwares that claim to change IMEI of any mobile but that is all fake, Astonished to see the software that could change the IMEI of any MediaTek smartphone And it worked for My QMobile As well. I am not Describing the Procedure as it could only Assist the Mobile Snatchers.
But I Will advise every one that before doing Heavy investment on NOIR A10 OR A8, keep this factor in mind that once lost, it is lost.Re flash it, Change IMEI and it will be all new.

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By Anjum Sohail

INCPak Team

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  1. Please tell me how to flash Qmobile noir a10 with detail….i dnt want to damage my phone……please

  2. Hi……Sir I had recently updated my qmobile noir a10…..it says congratulations for perchasing micromax registration….and this notification appears daily many times….the charges that are applied daily are almost $0.5….what shoul i have to do now….

  3. slam me ne Q mobile A-12 cplc se lock kraya tha me ne socha shaid chori hua ha lekin baad me mujay mil gia cplc walay keh re han varanty card+diba bejo phir unlock kren ge mere pas donoon ni han ab is ka koi slution ha to bta dain pls,,,,,,,,

  4. Yeah, I have recent experienced about QMobile E600, which was snatched and when I call to block , cplc refuse to block as it comes in category of china mobile. So QMobile opens the door for Mobile Snatchers.

  5. it doesnt matter IMEI can be changed or not, how many mobiles were given back to their owners after been snatched, daily 100s of cell phones got stolen/snatched how many get back safe to their owners, u r arguing on IMEI safe or not, pathetic, 1500rs mobile gets snatched and never get back to its owner

  6. what a bitter truth, when i see my country away from it, i see as, it is in the fire, when i see alot of progress here in saudia, the govt is working for the peolpe as they are their servant, providing every facility, it looks that they have worked for every kind of crime not to happen, and yes also cyber crime, they have blocked all the things that has already made our pakistan into very bad situation, there is no such sites that ruined oyr society, in pakistan every person who goes to upper seat is seen to be currupt, whethr it be politician or a journalist, i hope faree bro u and ur team will work, with power of emaan, may ALLAH bless u

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