Come to Leave ~ Alycia & Ali Tim

It is still, Unclear to me indeed that should I count Alycia & Ali Tim’s songs as The Milestones Band or it is something like David Coverdale and White Snake ?

Nevermind I will ask Ali Tim 😉

In Late 90s I got to know Ali Tim Personally, He’s way senior musician than me but It’s an honor to have him as a friend, very kind nature person well I am never gonna forget the days of thunder we had great time together, couple of weeks back Ali Tim shared this video with me and Glad to see you back In Music I almost lost my faith at all.

Well Enjoy this Track, Come to Leave


Come to Leave

Artists: Alycia & Ali Tim
Music : Saqib Saleem Khan
Directors: Ayed Ayaz & Salman Ashraf
Lyrics & composition : Ali Tim

Back in 90s The Milestonestone band was very famous, personally I was also the who bought the cassette, hardly there’s anyone I came across this timeline who doesn’t know about the band. The Pop Rock music with the lead vocalists ” Candy ” Truly there’s no comparison because back than everyone took music very seriously as compared present days ” Fruity Loopers “.

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