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  • Saher

    plz farhan tell me about viber condition on Qmobile A10??

  • Arsalan Shakoor

    can u plz tell me that is there any problem or faults in A8? i really want to buy it since its price decline to 13700 but i have been hearing rumors that its price will decline more is it true? should i buy it or wait?

    • incpak

      No there is no fault in A8 and I don't think prices going to go down than this. I think you better wait for a week because next week 3 new models are launching .

  • awaiskhan

    q a12 whan it will be lunch

  • Farhan Imaan

    No dear there is no way to fix Viber on Q Noir Series.

  • Ali Ahmad

    There are some news about A11 as well, and as that is under phone category. Do you have any news about A11 or launch of A11 ?

    Although I called Qmobile Corporate office today, but the lady told me another number, which was not a Qmobile office number :P

    • Farhan Imaan

      No, I have don't have any information about A11 at this moment.

  • Farhan Imaan

    If he is getting 12% commission he will should satisfy customer doubt Q takes it back if problem is there, so being out for 2 min is important cause some units has same issue still.

  • imran kalwar

    Farhan Imaan plz would u guide me that is qmobile gonna launch A12 in this month or it will take a more time?

    • Farhan Imaan

      Its expected by the end of jan as I know rest I can't say for sure depends on the company already A9 is awaiting but this one is note not the phone.

  • Amir

    IS it that the A6 GPS stops working once you leave your home, i.e out of wifi range? I used Galaxy pocket whose GPS worked without SIM and out of range of any wifi.ANy comments on A6?

    • Farhan Imaan

      GPS always work without SIM and it is not like you left the house and stop working A6 has poor GPS reception which I think they fixed and bought back in market

  • Muhammad Anas Zafar

    Is the memory confusion bug fixed in Noir A6?

    • Farhan Imaan

      read the 5 reason i wouldn't suggest A6 post

  • Badar

    Excellent updates Sir. But Noir A6 is still not available in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.Checked just now.I don't know where are about your city, so please disclose.

    • Farhan Imaan

      Karachi it is available, just came yesterday evening.

      • Badar

        Thanks. Can you tell me how can I make sure that the set I am getting is from the new batch (with probably corrected software)?

        • Farhan Imaan

          confirm it that GPS is working you will pay only if GPS is working else you wont.

          • Jamal

            How can we check GPS deep inside a multistory plaza ? Shopkeeper will not allow taking it out.How much time should it take for GPS blinker to stop blinking?