Two Indian Jet Fighters entered Pakistan’s airspace !

SIALKOT: Two Indian fighter planes entered Pakistan’s airspace near Head Sulemanki border, on Tuesday.

The Pakistan Air Force said it scrambled two fighter jets after two “high-speed” Indian planes crossed the border over its eastern province of Punjab at about 10:40am (05:40am GMT).

The planes were reportedly five to seven miles inside Pakistan.

As soon as the violation occurred, the air traffic controller signaled the planes for a sign explaining the move. When no signal was sent back, the air traffic controller informed Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

While PAF was preparing to respond, the Indian planes had left Pakistani airspace two minutes later.

India accused Pakistan last week of fomenting militancy in the Indian state of Punjab and killing a soldier in cross-border firing.

The nuclear-armed states have fought three wars, two of them over Kashmir.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif took office last week, promising to pursue good relations with India and resolve outstanding disputes such as Kashmir .

It’s not the first time Indian violated the pakistan air space but, the response time by PAF been always slow even when they know that Jet Fighters are heading toward Pakistan, they aren’t prepared at all, two minutes are enough to destroy but repeatedly PAF been missing the chance.


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