Sir syed ahmed Ali shah once again working on z12, earlier he ported couple of ROM which has some bug due to which we did not make them public.

Expected CM13 for Qmobile z12 6.0 marshmallow bases ROM coming soon as Sir told us earlier.

Incpak keeping its promise to share custom ROMs as one of the top leading android development website with professionals we are committed not only to share z12 ROMs for Pakistan but for Gionee S6 and other variants.


14355196_10208666075027724_1443295755589813251_n 14390791_10208666075467735_7993098795604333664_n 14441116_10208666075947747_4160001926242180078_n         14441129_10208666075307731_5607358053344820372_n  14441129_10208666075547737_8755869343623086301_n  14446090_10208666074987723_2328975779959619114_n 14446157_10208666074587713_265770977555517904_n 14448980_10208666074627714_7983034216807259431_n
14462837_10208666074867720_7548437671334311150_n 14462968_10208666074507711_2497708866028945818_n   14449002_10208666075707741_3044858792201069198_n

Download Vitas OS
coming Soon


Sir Syed Ahmed Ali Shah                Rom + Screenshots

Farhan Imaan Abro & Asad Shaikh     Post

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