QMobile : Noir A5 Classic

In June 2012, Qmobile A5 was launched back than It was 650Mhz ( Ginger Bread ) 2.3 OS and I remember giving the first Video Review of this phone. Recently QMobile has relaunched this set as Noir A5 Classic, with some changes in hardware specification.

This time it has, ICS 4.0 , 4 Inches Display Screen size and 512 MB RAM, these are which I know for sure, about the internal space I am sure it must be almost alike A6 at least, yet I haven’t seen the set personally but on my blog many visitors those who bought it just gave me this information.

It does not have LED Flash, this time which is a bit confusing for me why cut off the flash? but the actual thing is PRICE TAG which is 10,000/- Pakistani Rupees now that’s where they made previous A5 sets useless in market, totally worthless because new one has ICS 4.0 and 512 MB and 4 Inches Display who would want to buy that previous one.

A5 Classic

Same thing happened with A2 when it got relaunched, 650 MHz sets were wiped out, Ofcourse to be overclocked to 1Ghz ! Previous A5 set wasn’t able to do Video Skype calling, though in my knowledge it was the only set which runs the Viber without any issue ( Robotic ) Voice issue.


I m totally satisfied from its performance on any kind becoz i have adiction of net nd i used all stuff online games to online vedios nd movies playing gorgious
its above Samsung nexus S nd HTC desire HD My device points 2296 on benchmark
Farook khan,
He sent me the images on the mentioned email below yesterday and also updated me about benchmar result. Kindly all share the Screen Shots of benchmark and other info which you find useful for all.

This time Its enabled to run Video calling as well, update me via email

Since I get bundles of emails and queries help me out to update this site with information email me at [email protected]

Yet I have just got one image of the A5 Classic and neither Qmobile site is updated nor the price or image has been updated so I am posting the image sent by one of the newly A5 Classic Owner.

Send me updates and Images, let me know about the quality and this phone.

Share your comments and queries here.

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  • Abdullah Rashid

    Hey what are those two camera like things around the front camera people call them sensors what are their functions can somebody help..?

  • Abdullah Rashid

    Hey what are those two camera like things around the front camera people call them sensors what are their functions can somebody help..?

  • Zohaib Jiwani

    Please can anybody help me with the recovery mod?
    i just bought this phone and rooted it..

    is there any recovery available? for it

  • kashan

    Any Buddy Sale Noir a5
    contact me 03047867370

  • Adnan

    i want to Sell A5 Classic …..
    in PK 9000 Only

    Feel free to contact 03333871764 ADNAN

  • Farhan Imaan

    Viber , Skype all works fine now

  • Fawad Ahmad

    I have rooted A5 Classic check here

    • Farhan Imaan

      If your the person behind rooting method and willing to join tech talks team INCPak than catch me over skype we all do the conference regarding technology and awareness . join me faree.imaan

  • Arsalan Khan

    will u xchange with xperia x10i?

  • sarfaraz

    bhai jaan screen shot kese nikalta hy isme

    • sarfaraz

      jaldi bataen yaar

  • Azam

    my Qmobile A5 classic suddenly hang and after few minutes it restart, it is any serious problem, please reply.

    • Farhan Imaan

      Malware or Virus !

  • Danish

    is it dual sim?

  • hamza khan

    can someone test these methods please ..this guy claims to have rooted it

  • Farhan Imaan

    Work means calling ( ROBOTIC ) Voice

  • Farhan Imaan

    I haven't tested the set nor the users said a word about it ( GPS and Viber ) issue with noir series.

  • Farhan Imaan

    No It doesn't have the LED FLASH

  • Malik Najeeb Ur Rehm

    Hy guys i bought today Android A5 how i found applications for my set

  • sohail

    its support Viber, whatsapp, skype. .

    • Raheel Nasir Memon

      Does viber have sound Issue like A6??

      • Farhan Imaan

        I haven't checked the new updated version of Viber need to test run on this A5 Classic.

  • sohail

    i have a5classic its a very good set. no hang problem at all. it has 3GB internal storage 2 GB is for video, pics etc and 1gb is for applications. camera result is fabulous even it support Skype without any hassle or any trouble. i would recommend this set to you guys as the features it gives are too much as compared to its price.

    • Raheel Nasir Memon

      does it have same problem with GPS or not

      plz reply quickly

    • Waleed Ahmed Yousfan

      Camera Flash hai?

    • Muhammad Anas

      Can you install apps on SD card on A5?

  • Adnan Ahmad

    I think in A5 classic, reason to not add flash light is because of over heating. I have A5, its over heated due to flash light even i capture 2 or 3 snaps. And after 3-4 month flash light is permanently OFF :) .

    • shoaib

      is ur viber working properly in noir a5 classic?

      • Farhan Imaan

        Dear viber doesn't work on any Noir Series phone

        • hamza khan

          viber doesnt work ? i use viber on a2 1ghz works awesome

          • Farhan Imaan

            Possibility is maybe newer update has fixed the bug I haven't tested, if it is than good.

      • Adnan Ahmad

        No Its working, I am using viber :)

    • Farhan Imaan

      It's LED Flash nor LED Light ( Torch ) RIP lolx

      • Adnan Ahmad

        Yah but now overheating problem resolved lolx

        • Farhan Imaan

          It was due to less Mhz and more features.

      • Adnan Ahmad

        Your blog is excellent. I like it, carry ON :)

        • Farhan Imaan

          Thank you.

    • Shah Zaib Shaikh

      what about battery timing.??

  • WäXif Rëhm

    which chipset ?

    • Farhan Imaan

      It's chipless , works biologically, how do you expect me to answer technical stuff when I have not seen it.

  • Muhammad Anas

    Thats's a great news. Lets see who bring the cat out of beg!

    • Farhan Imaan

      This image is not imaginary, one who bought sent me this ! so the Cat is out !

      • Umar

        What will become of Noir A6 Sir jee.

        • Farhan Imaan

          If user knows how to ROOT and fix the GPS issue than A6 is fine. procedure is given on this site.

      • Muhammad Anas

        I knew that! but the image is not cleared. by letting the cat out of beg I meant who will be going to review it first.