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Media Harassment

I am a grown up working lady, even though I have banned TV from my life I am still a victim of Media Harassment. If you are wondering how here is my story. It’s been years I have totally taken TV out of my life but my parents tune into TV and they watch nothing but news channels specially GEO. They watch it 24 hours first thing they do when then wake up in the morning Fajr time to be precise, its GEO till they go to sleep at night.

They are scared to hell of Karachi city condition, they know exactly where bomb blasted, how many kill on streets you name it they have every single update. They live in total depression due to it. Every 10 to 15 minutes there is a bell on my cell phone and giving me updates. In my office, on my way to home, shopping no matter where I may be or how busy I may be in my work, my phone cant stop ringing.

At night and early in the morning I get call from them not to go to work in any condition because there is strike in the city and buses got burnt blah blah blah. My reply to them is Mom – Dad school time is over and I have to go to work any how. I beg them not to watch news channels but in vain. Depression and tension are contagious and the disease is being transmitted into my system by my own parents thanks to GEO TV and the likes.

I go home to my parents every weekend and it’s the same I am being tortured by the news updates from my parents from breakfast till dinner time. Help Me God. Some body ban these news channels for good.

Life would be so peaceful not knowing these exaggerated news coverage or else next thing that I will ban from life would be cell phones, thanks to media harassment.




  1. Saima Athar

    Dec 8, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    Till the time when the peoples involved in the act of terrorist will not be punished we will not see any improvement, but the situation will become more worse, so what we need to do is to bring a government who will actually do good things for public, and who have fear of ALLAH that the responsibility given to them is from ALLAH and they will have to reply for all these duties, but along with this important is we educate our school going childs that how to sustain in the current society, situation is gettin worst and this all is because we are away from our religion, may ALLAH bring us all back on DEEN E ISLAM, and we have fear of ALLAH on each and every deed we do

    • Farhan Imaan

      Dec 8, 2012 at 9:01 pm

      True I agree with you, but do you really want to know how much people care? well I am sure you are aware of this site and sharing is caring, go on official facebook page and see how many likes are there, where people actually talk, share and discuss, now compare the same thing with total Fake page Q Discussion I created u will see in three days more people has joined mobiles, rather than supporting and being the part of the change.

      Angels cannot rule Pakistan, and those whom you are pointing as fearing Allah ( Government ) believe it or not majority in Pakistan are " Haram Khors " No Offense I am very open when I talk, they wont die neither let others live.

    • shazeya

      Dec 8, 2012 at 9:16 pm

      We have to come back to Deen-e-islam ourselves. true we have to make our own efforts to educate our children and make a change within us and shape the society into what we dream of it to be. As for God fearing leaders all i can do is smile :)

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