INCPak Podcast Discussion : Qmobile Noir A6 Issues.

The INCPak  Podcast discussion about Qmobie Noir A6 , which I have already written and mentioned but I think knowing about it with in few minutes would be easier so INCPak PodCast Tech Talks about A6 in which I have mentioned the issues and shared my views about this phone, let me know with your comments what to do you think.

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Farhan Imaan


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      1. i used internal memory extend method for A8 on A6…”Dong Y” wala

        my set got brick…i reflash the recovery some how…but now the Phone storage which was 2.06 GB is now 511MB and internal Memory which i wanted to be increased, remain same 504MB

        now how to retain Phone Storage.?

        i used partition table app which shows. system partition 1.56GB

      2. will u please dont mind guiding me?
        i have successfully changed internal memory to 1.48GB by using HKROM_MANAGER_XPOSEDGEEK.apk

        Now system 1.1GB, Data 1.48GB and Phone Storage 1.1GB
        but now when i restore my original backup .. that got stuck on qmobile logo.. i flashed ur IMJellyv2 that works fine on first time and then on restart got stuck on firts logo screen same is the cas with A6Stock rom available on incpak…

        why is that happening….

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