Bella Hadid Insults Saudi Arabia And UAE: Social Media on Fire

Saudis and Emiratis are outraged and social media is on fire after Bella Hadid dared to insult Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The Palestinian-American supermodel recently shared a story on her Instagram Account.

She has shared the picture of the sole of her shoes pointing towards Saudi and UAE plane.

The tail of the plane apparently have the flags of their country.

Surely it is an insult to Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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Flags carry special respect and dignity. What Bella Hadid has done surely deserves an outcry and outrage.

Many Saudi and Emiratis have taken on to social media and are expressing their anger.

Many want her to be banned from entering their country.

One wrote…

Honestly, Bella Hadid is canceled … someone ban this piece of trash from entering UAE and KSA …


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Another called her ignorant and racist and dared her to do same with Israel’s flag.

hey @bellahadid look i never even like you since DAY 1 and now i have more reasons to hate you, so unprofessional, childish, ignorant and racist, please educate yourself and next time do it with Israel’s flag IF YOU DARE #BellaHadidIsRacist


Since Bella represents Dior, many are threatening to boycott it. Twitter is taken by storm.

#BellaHadidIsRacist Since Bella Hadid represents Dior I will now stop buying Dior products due to her disrespect to Saudi Arabia

Your costumers in SA & UAE are so angry because of #bella_hadid stupid action against their countries. Please take action. STOP #Bella_hadid

The model Bella Hadid has posted a photo where she insulted Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Kuwait countries. This act is a pure hatred,racism & discrimination against us as Muslims and Arabs.Please take immediate action towards this shameful crime. Boycott_Dior

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I don’t wanna see Bella Hadid vacation in Dubai with her white friends no more since she wants to be like that

Bella Hadid is out there posting a picture of her shoe towards the Emirati and Saudi flags because she read somewhere that they are behind Sudan’s unrest. Just wondering when she’ll be posting a similar picture with Israel’s flag? Or is Palestine less important than Sudan?

Lmao so she lives her whole life in the country that supported the people who raped the fuck out of her country, yet she talk about destroying arab democracy? wow #BellaHadid

Many are criticizing her and asking why she is not focusing on her own country Palestine.

Big disappointment. You are ugly inside . Stop wearing fancy clothes and go and fight in Palestine

Many have started attacking her family members on social media as well, like Gigi Hadid and brother Anwar Hadid.


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