Model Tales Soares Dies Collapsing At Sao Paulo Fashion Week

BRAZIL: Brazilian male model Tales Soares dies after collapsing on the catwalk at the middle of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

The twenty six year old model tripped and stumbled after stepping on the strap of his sandal.

The horror incident occurred at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil yesterday.

The organizers have said in their statement :

A 26-year-old Brazilian model died suddenly on Saturday during a fashion show in Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week (SPFW).

“The SPFW has just learned of the death of the model Tales Soares, who suffered a malaise during the parade of Också,

No details have been given of the cause of the death.

According to local news in Sao Paulo, the young model suddenly fell as he turned at the end of the stage.

Hundreds of audience present at the Ocksa show thought it was part of the performance at first.

Tales Soares then started foaming at his mouth. The emergency crew immediately came to his aid.

Paramedics also attended to him on stage in front of the terrified audience but it was too late. They were not able to revive him.

He was taken to hospital and pronounced dead.

The fashion show continued as normal after Soares was removed from the stage.

A spokesperson have stated ;

Tales Soares had excellent behavior. He was not new in the fashion industry. He had paraded previously at fashion shows.

Soares had never exhibited any health problems. He was a vegetarian and in very good health. He did not use any illegal substances and was in good health to parade on the Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Fashion Week Instagram Statement reads

“May God welcome you with open arms! Life is definitely a catwalk, we’re just passing through! Very sad!”

His stage name was Tales Cotta

Tales Soares cause of death will be known only after postmortem.

However, some concerns have been raised regarding the lack of vegetarian food available backstage.

This could mean Tales Soares was without food and hadn’t ate for a long time.

The organizers how ever refused to this claim and said he was catered for.

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