Nose Hair Extensions New Internet Sensation

Plucking nostril hair is a painful business, but not anymore. These nose hair extensions have become a new internet sensation.

This bizarre beauty moment has become an internet hit.

This wave of beauty trend was first started by Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen.

She used false eye lashed to achieve this desired look.

It did not take long and people are catching up on this weird and bizarre trend. Now #nosehairextensions is trending on social media.

gret_chen_chen is not a beauty blogger but she surely started a new trend and internet is going wild.

Many are following and sharing their images with nose hair extensions

One joked and shared on tweeter

Being a man in my mid 50’s I don’t need nostril hair extensions, does that make me trendy?

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The new trend is spreading like fire but there are many who are surprised and disgusted by this trend.

Stop, just please stop. Anyone that would do this, deserves whatever bullying comes to them. Omg gross

Uh…I just found out that about next big beauty trend. We have reached True Hell as a society & must be eradicated

gret_chen_chen pioneered this fashion trend by sharing her photo on Instagram on 17 October 2017.

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She probably didn’t know then what she has done. But she has many who are following this new trend now.

For centuries men and women have been traumatized by abnormal nose hair growth.

They have been going through the pain of getting rid of nose hair.

They have been trimming, plucking, waxing and god only know what.

But finally they can relax and be part of this new beauty trend. No more pain and no more suffering.

You can all thank gret-chen-chen

New Internet Sensation

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