Quaid e Azam’s House Burn’t BLA took the responsibility

BLA ( Balochistan Liberation Army ) has claimed the responsibility of attacking and burning down The Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who spent his last days in this residency in Ziyarat.

Around 3 to 5 rockets were fired and for 3 hours there was no fire fighter reached, the locals tried there best but couldn’t save the heritage.

Only one policeman was designated to protect the house that’s shameful who also died in the attack, meanwhile there is no official word from Prime Minister’s office nor GHQ seems like both aren’t bothered about it at all.

If it was Nine Zero, Bilawal House or Raiwand – Pakistan would have been a battle field by now because these politicians aren’t just political figures but idols for masses in Pakistan, hence sad part is no political force in Pakistan those who are standing on the soil which is blessed by the same person who’s house dazed down earlier today for tomorrow – To Observe Mourning ! Good Going … this is where you see the fascists hypocrites corrupt dirty politicians, government and Pakistan Army. I just wanted to say one thing more – The Currency which you use, He ( Quaid e Azam ) is not just on it, but he owns it, not just that he owns Pakistan and each person owes him, this is not just condemnable but shameful that you failed to protect the treasure and the heritage which turned into ashes.

Media and News Channels got the story they will make the lead today’s talk shows some MNA’s will be invited to bark and there you go watch the daily Dog Barking Shows, they do nothing but sell the story and people here dead.

Pakistan Army’s swift reaction must needed if BLA has claimed it than they aren’t more than PakArmy and we do not need Suo Motto by CJP in this because we’ve lost it, it won’t be back, Sorry to say but Pakistani Nation failed to protect it’s founding father’s house.

The Piece of Pakistan just died today, Shame on Government and Pakistan Army !  

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