Rukhsar Odho: watch how her body was found

SINDH: Justice For Rukhsar Odho started trending on social media after her brutal rape and murder incident.

A video has emerged where it can be seen how the police found the little victim’s body.

The suspect who was arrested is seen leading the police where her body was mercilessly buried.

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The video speaks out loud itself. The voices heard in the video are in Urdu and Sindhi languages but to see and feel the the pain understanding of the language is not required.

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Hang the Rapist

There is no punishment severe enough for such mad men. Hang the rapist is trending on social media for a while now but unfortunately they are just jailed for life. Death is too little a punishment for child abusers and rapists. Giving them just life time sentence is like awarding for their crime.

Shame on those who oppose capital punishment for the rapist. After watching Rukhsar in this video will they change their mind? Can you see the innocent face, what did she went through no one can imagine.

The so called human rights activist what do you say to this? The claimants of human rights stop opposing for the capital punishment for Gods sake. And all those who have the authority to change the laws try to see the face of your own daughters in Rukhsar’s face.

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Those raped mostly have a poor background

The majority of rape cases seen or reported are mostly from a poor background. The poor are not protected in this society. The law only serves the rich and the criminals. The poor cannot fight for justice in this complicated system. They are easily silenced and left to mourn the death of their little children.

How many more little girls and little boys will have the same fate?

These mad people must meet brutal fate otherwise there will be hundreds of Rukhsars every day. Their bodies will be recovered to be buried again somewhere and forgotten.

Raise your voice before it is your own daughter.

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