Empire Android Tablet 9.7 Inches

Nowadays in a market, Chinese made Android Tablets are easily available, with various names and specifications, it is bit confusing to judge because same specification and price is less compared to other ones,  creates a doubt. Today I reviewed this Empire Tablet  9.7 Inches slim and display was too good as compared to many other in the market.

here’s specification on the tablet back cover

Android Tablet Specification which I noticed HD supportive, but this one has 2 mega pixel camera rear and in front. It’s  1Ghz A8 Cortex , DDR 3 , 1 GB Ram with 8 GB space, 1 GB for apps, runing on ICS 4.0.3  upgradable with no GPS support .  I used it for a while and check playback video quality which was stunning.

Battery Duration is 3 hrs 30 mins on full usage, this is highest I have seen in chinese tablets, they are improving quality, Empire 9.7 is coming from UAE you can compare this NOVO Flame. So far when it comes to Tablet this one makes sense because of RAM , Processor and Display Quality rest I shouldn’t compare these tablets with Ipad or Samsung Note because they are not just branded but keeping the standard as well.

If you want for Internet normal usage than you can get this and it would work fine the price is 19500/- where as others like this are less in price It’s slim something good obviously cost a bit higher. I was little surprised to see 2 MP camera since china is very good at fooling people, the result was satisfactory compared to 2MP. If you go in a market you will get confused because even the 3D Tablets are available now  but It would be better if you want to keep for a longer duration to buy branded as Samsung or Ipad.

I have personally reviewed, I would recommend to those who wants to use for Internet purpose and  those who think the price is high ( china made ) than see the specification, GPS was not mentioned nor I saw in the options but it is upgradable.

By : Farhan Imaan

INCPak Team.

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