How easy is it to BLOCK someone out of our life ?

How many times have we heard ourselves asking this question how easy is it to BLOCK someone out of our life? They can be your friends, someone you love etc. How many times have we tried being nice to them? How many times have we made that last effort? Knowing it won’t be the same again…..

We need to understand that such people have a negative impact on our lives. People we don’t vibrate with properly are not good to have around. Blocking out negative people is actually easier than we think. They are insecure and worried about their own life to the point where they want others to drown with them. In our life there are some people who will fade away completely when they realize that you will not be participating in their drama anymore. You will soon realize how better you will feel in the process……

We need to move on to progress .We need to continue on our new path of progression of positivity and joy, and move towards our dreams, the negative person will slowly diminish, and we will have successfully escaped this negative person.

By : Cera

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