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  • ahmad basha

    I want to update the software of Q Mobile A11.
    Any one can tell me how can i do this??
    If any one know tell me on this #

  • Abdullah CH

    I just got my a11 note its really cool.
    Its got 4gb internal memory.

  • http://www.incpak.com/ Farhan Imaan

    I still recommend A8 none of these

    • Ali Ahmad

      No, I think a9 is better than a8. it has better screen and better screen resolution, and better camera as well.

      • Jamal Nasir

        how is it best? just by looking at specs?

  • Jamal Nasir

    should I get A8 or wait for A16?

    • http://www.incpak.com/ Farhan Imaan

      Jamal Nasir you should wait for A16 because It will take 2 month least by april or later at this time the best is A8 should go for it if you want to buy

      • http://www.incpak.com Farhan Imaan

        I mean shouldn't lolx

      • Ali Ahmad

        Now, a9 is the best among the available sets.

        • Jamal Nasir

          How ?

  • http://www.incpak.com/ Farhan Imaan

    Yet there's no confirm news as I will get the price update I will post up and update all the price list.

  • http://www.incpak.com/ Farhan Imaan

    A8 is the best

  • Sumair Ali

    there should be atleast a little change atleast the ram or a9 with a 1.2 ghz processor as a12 is but with a 12 all other things are lower battery, screen size & camera.

    Still have to wait for a good phone with high end spec. at a budget price like a116

    But love my a8 hahaha :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/emran.shaker Imran Shakir

    Any news about the prices of these phones? And what you recommend? qHD vs WVGA Amoled A9 vs a12 which one screen wise is the good phone?

  • rahmankhan

    still no changes noir a8 is the best buddy