Pakistan Federal Budget 2014-15 Complete PDF & Features

Federal Budget 2014-15

Federal Budget 2014-15 ISLAMABAD, June 3  Following are highlights of the Federal Budget 2014-15 presented by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the National Assembly here on Tuesday evening: •    Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves likely to be US 15 billion by July this year. •    Foreign exchange reserves have now increased to US 13.5 billion dollars. •    Government brought stability to the Pakistani ...

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Islamabad eyes biggest wheat imports in 5 years


Pakistan is set to become a net wheat importer this year with purchases climbing to the highest in five years after delayed planting and reduced fertilizer use hit domestic output and drove up local prices. The South Asian nation, which has been exporting wheat for the last three years, joins a growing list of countries that have seen production curbed, ...

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Highest Gold consumption in China 2013 !


Shanghai: China gold consumption will exceeds 1000 tonnes for the year 2013, reaching 800 tonnes in the first half, state-owned China NationaL Gold. Some question arises at this point : Why China is accumulation so much Gold? Does China wants to back Yuan with gold and turn it into global currency ? Does china want to replace U.S dollar with the Yuan ...

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Taxation – Pakistan’s biggest problem !


Tax is money that people of a democratic country pays to their government. Taxes are of 2 types Direct taxation and Indirect taxation. Direct Taxation : is simply the tax that levied on income/wealth of individual’s & Organisation’s Indirect Taxation : Taxes that are place on Goods and services. E.g GST general sales Tax. In Budget 2013 -14 very unexpected and unfriendly Taxation measures were ...

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System D – Shadow Economy the second largest in the world

shadow economy

The phrase “System D” comes from a slang phrase used in French-speaking Africaan d the Caribbean. The “D” stands for the French word “debrouillard”. Neuwirth: “To say a man is a debrouillard is to tell people how resourceful and ingenious he is.” Global financial crises has given rise to shadow economy, or the black marker, or the underground economy comes ...

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