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Girl of 15 becomes boy to escape violence in AJK

AJK  :A girl named Shahida Parveen dissappeared from bhidai village of forward kahuta on 18th December 2011.

FIR was registered by her family regarding her disappearance nominating 7 people who allegedly kidnapped the girl.

The case was in process until her brother recognized her last week dressed in male clothing who was a servant for Sheikh Arif who was shocked upon hearing that the servant was actually a girl.

Locals and shopkeepers were also astonished of the fact that the same person who used to buy items from their store for the past 1 year was actually a girl without them realizing.

Police has now taken the girl into their custody.

However, Shahida changed her name to Naeem and worked as a Servant in Sheikh Arifs home and stated that she had left her home because her family used to beat her. To free herself from the cruelty she had decided to flee her home.