Doctor Warns Don’t Put Toothpaste on Burns

MALAYSIA: Dr. Kamarul Ariffin, of Malaysia, has issued a warning to people Don’t Put Toothpaste on burns.

He said in a twitter post

If you experience burns, do not place toothpaste, oils, flour, soy sauce, eggs and so on on the burn area.

It can cause severe inflammation and has risk of infection.

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In short do not use any home remedies but consult your doctor.

If one searches google for home remedies, it appears toothpaste has cure for almost every thing.

It is used for burns, acne, skincare, for clearing rust, and many more.

Hundreds of remedies are available online for burns but the doctor suggests do not try them out to sooth the burn but immediately seek expert medical advice.

Dr Kamarul Ariffin, of Malaysia has urged people not to use toothpaste as it has some nasty side affects.

To prove his point the doctor also posted an image of a hand. A woman tried using Colgate Tooth paste on her hand severed with hot oil burn.

Instead of soothing or helping her pain the application of toothpaste caused her hand to swell up.

The horrific result of the toothpaste home remedy is visible in the image.

Doctor Warns Don’t Put Toothpaste on Burns

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The hand can be seen all covered in blister.

The doctor has thus warned people not to try any home remedies as they may cause serious infection.

Dr. Kamarul Ariffin has given some useful information and tips on initial emergency treatment of burn cases.


Burning on the skin is divided into 3 stages:

Stage 1: The skin looks red, and painful.

Stage 2: Usually the skin looks red and blistered

Stage 3: The skin looks white and does not hurt because the nerves that feel pain are damaged.

The Correct Initial Emergency Treatment

  1. Stay away from the sources of danger (fire / heaters / hot water / electricity / etc). Stay calm, do not panic.
  2. Remove all burned jewelry, watches, and clothing. Unless it gets stuck in the burned area.
  3. Run clean water at room temperature for 15-20 minutes to stop burns from continuing.
  4. Avoid using cold water or ice.
  5. If there is a bubble on the burned skin, do not dispose of the bubble. Just cover with a clean cloth.
  6. See a doctor if burn level 2-3 burned area bigger than palms or involving face and genitalia.

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