27th December – 5th Death Anniversary of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto

27th December 2007 was the saddest day, today it’s the 5th Death anniversary of the former Prime minister Benazir Bhutto on this day she was assassinated in Liaquat Bagh ( Park ) Rawalpindi back in 2007, Although I am not into politics but I remember clearly when she returned back from the exile after years back to Pakistan in October 2007, millions of people came to receive her at airport from different corners of the country and on the same day 2 bomb exploded in her Karvan ( Really ) in which many were killed and injured, It was one of the happiest day in the history of Karachi which turned sad as well, a while back people chanting and happy smiling faces everywhere in October and after few hours it was all same as the way the Destiny of Pakistan has been decided. Death and Bloodshed everywhere.

SMBB227th December 2007, left the scares on the Pakistan, the wounds which cannot be healed even with time, I remember watching it Live on the television when Benezir Bhutto was waving her hand to the public gathering in Rawalpindi and getting back in the vehicle after a while she appeared from the roof top and start waving her hands again to all the Pakistan Peoples Party ( PPP ) supporters just after a moment there were 2 gun shots heard and Live Telecast on the media showed it, after 5 seconds hardly suicide bomber exploded himself in the crowd and that was the end of hope for the hope.

News spread all over Pakistan with in no time, that Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto has been shot, life got jammed and it was the matter of moments when ” Rehman Malik ” appeared to tell everyone, that ” Our Leader is no longer with us, anymore” that was the saddest news for the nation, even those who weren’t in a politics, women and children had tears in their eyes. The Same Karachi back in October The day she returned was dancing and singing turned horrifying Chaos on the street, people weren’t able to reach home they had to leave their vehicles on the roads and started walking home.

230328_382793615145020_205123692_nThe reaction was so bad, that PPP political workers among those who had deepest sympathies with Martyred Benezir Bhutto, burn’t Government Building , Banks , Vehicles , even I remember entire Superhighway Karachi to Hyderabad all the trucks were torched. 27th December 2007 became one of the Sad day in the History of Pakistan, for 3 long days there was no police, Rangers nor Army on the streets of Karachi or else where in Pakistan. The Pakistan was completely closed ( officially and unofficially ) this was too much to take because such incident never took place in recent history.

People had strong attachment with Benazir Bhutto, specially when I talk about interior / rural areas of Pakistan, People seek for the answer who killed their beloved leader? Yet after 5 years it is totally unclear, despite Scotland Yard investigated but pointed to Taliban nothing in particular even on the international media.

521373_382428488514866_859185858_nBenazir Bhutto was the Youngest and first female Prime Minister of Pakistan, she was the daughter of Former President and Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, to whom the credit goes for the Constitution of 1973 which is still active and The Prime Minister who initiated Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme in March 1972 after loosing Bangladesh ( East Pakistan ) in 1971.

Today it’s Her 5th Death anniversary, It was the end of the actual struggle for the democracy since the present government is led by her widower Husband Asif Ali Zardari, despite all still none has forgotten her, She will be remembered for the generations to come ahead. There cannot be another leader like her, who ever been close to the public on the national level and her loss is irreplaceable.

May Allah Place Her Soul in Jannat Ul Firdos.


Farhan Imaan


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