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Since April 2012 till dated we have nailed Qmobile Android Smartphones, this year we will add other brands as well such as GFive, Voice , Samsung , Sony , VGO TEL , HTC etc.. INCPak Team is determined to deliver the best to everyone and we are encouraging our visitors to join us along because we are united and we are confident that each step ahead is making us more closer and united.

The Root Method and Screenshots of all the roms are in the posts, The purpose of sorting INCPak Roms out of Other Roms available on our website is assure you that these one are Tested and Verified by INCPak Team Members as well INCPak Forum Members

Bookmark this page for the future reference because we’ll be updating list as Any Rom ported by INCPak Team over here.

The Quest of exploring is never ending and INCPak is one of the most demanding Technology News , Information and Android website where we share whatever we explore and find it useful.

INCPak Released Roms Direct Links , Click on the Title . ( categorized by Models and Brands ) 

INCPak Roms


QMobile Noir i9 (JB + KK)

EMUI v3.0 For QMobile i9 [KitKat]

i12 ROM For QMobile i9 [KitKat]

iNew UMI ROM for QMobile i9 [KitKat]

No. 1 Custom ROM for QMobile i9 [KitKat]

LeWa OS v5 for QMobile i9 [KitKat]

Lollipop ROM for QMobile i9 [KitKat]

Color OS v2.0 for QMobile i9 [KitKat]

EMUI v2.3 for QMobile i9 [KitKat]

Honor 3C ROM for QMobile i9 [JellyBean]

Galaxy S5 ROM for QMobile i9 [JellyBean]

QMobile i9 Stock KitKat ROM (SP Flash Tools) [KitKat]

MIUI v5 for QMobile i9 (v2) [JellyBean]

QMobile i9 Stock JellyBean ROM (SP Flash Tools) [JellyBean]

QMobile i9 MP RIO Stock KitKat ROM (SP Flash Tools) [KitKat]

iOS 7 ROM for QMobile i9 [JellyBean]

HTC Sense ROM for QMobile i9 [JellyBean]

Stock JellyBean CWM Flashable Zip [JellyBean]

MIUI v5 for QMobile i9 (v1) [JellyBean]


QMobile A910

QMobile Noir A910

MIUI v5 for QMobile A910 [JellyBean]

Stock ROM CWM Flashable Zip for QMobile A910 [JellyBean]


QMobile Noir A6

Qmobile Noir A6  – Single Core

iMjelly V2 Noir A6 – Download and Instructions

Custom Rom Jelly Bean MOD for Qmobile Noir A6 iMJelly

QMobile Noir A7QMobile Noir A7

 Raven ROM 4.1.1 For QMobile Noir  A7

 JMP Rom v11.5 jb 4.1.1 for Qmobile Noir A7

 Qmobile Noir A7 Xperia Z JB 4.1.2 rom 

 Xperia Z Rom for Qmobile Noir  A7  JB 4.1.2

QMobile Noir A8QMobile Noir A8  Roms 

 LeWa OS v5 for QMobile Noir A8

 Qmobile Noir A8 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 MiUi v5 

LeWa OS V1 For Qmobile Noir A8

 Qmobile Noir A8 Jelly Bean 4.2.2 MiUi v5 

.Qmobile Noir A8 JellyBean 4.2.2 v2 

Horizon Rom Jalay Bii 4.2.2 for Qmobile Noir A8

Qmobile Noir A8 S4 custom Rom

 Raven Rom 4.1.1 For QMobile Noir A8

TouchWiz v2 JB 4.1.1 for Noir A8

MIUI V5 Custom ROM For Qmobile Noir A8 

Touch Wiz 4.1.2 Rom  for Qmobile Noir A8, A9 and A10 

MIUI V5 Beta JB 4.1.1 For Qmobile Noir A8 

Double Treat Xperia Z JellyBean 4.1.2 Rom for Noir A8 and Noir A9

LeWa JB 4.1.2 INCPak Ultimate Edition with MIUI Launcher for QMobile Noir A8

White Ice Rom for QMobile Noir A8 Screenshots + Download link

SlimDroid Rom with aroma installer for QMobile A8 Screenshots + Download Link

QMobile Noir A9QMobile Noir A9 Roms 

Mizwa v0.2 for QMobile Noir A9

Touch Wiz 4.1.2 Rom  for Qmobile Noir A8, A9 and A10 

 Double Treat Xperia Z JellyBean 4.1.2 Rom for Noir A8 and Noir A9

QMobile Noir A10QMobile Noir A10 Roms 


 Raven ROM For QMobile Noir A9 and Noir A10 

Horizon Rom For Qmobile Noir A10 

 Touch Wiz 4.1.2 Rom  for Qmobile Noir A8, A9 and A10 

Double Treat Xperia Z JellyBean 4.1.2 Rom for Noir A8 and Noir A9

LEWA OS JB 4.1.2 For Qmobile Noir A10 

Qmobile Noir A20QMobile Noir A20 Roms

LeWa OS v5 for QMobile Noir A20

Xperia HD v2 For QMobile A20

Infinity HD V2 Custom ROM For Qmobile Noir A20

Lewa Jelly Bean 4.2.1 for Noir A20 

QMobile Noir A20 4.2.1 Update ROM Download and Screenshots

Kit Kat Delight Rom for Qmobile Noir A20 Download

LeWa OS v5 for QMobile Noir A20 [Update]

QMobile Noir A900QMobile Noir A900 Roms 

Lewa V5 for Qmobile Noir A900

 MIUI v5 4.2 for QMobile Noir A20 and QMobile Noir A900

  Qmobile Noir A900 Note 3 Rom

 Xperia HD v2 For A900

Infinity HD V2 Custom ROM For Qmobile Noir A900 

S4 UI ROM for Qmobile Noir A900 Download Link and Installation

Color Os for Qmobile Noir A900 Download Link

Qmobile Noir A900 – Stock Rom

Hexanus Rom for Qmobile Noir A900

iOS 7 ROM for QMobile A900

LG G3 KitKat ROM for A900, Gionee E3, Life Play, GM Discovery, IQ4410

Original KitKat for A900

Pure Xperia Z2 for QMobile Noir A900


QMobile Noir A500QMobile Noir A500 Roms

 NOIR A500/Gionee CTRL V4/Primo G3 note3 custom rom

 Qmobile Noir A500 Infinity Hd Rom

Qmobile Noir A500 MIUI ROM Android 4.2.1

 Qmobile Noir A500 Emotion UI Rom

 LeWa OS Jelly Bean for Qmobile Noir A500

Xperia Rom for Qmobile Noir A500

Qmobile Noir Z4QMobile Noir Quatro Z4

ColorOS for QMobile Quatro Z4 screenshots + Download Link

Root and CWM Recovery for QMobile Quatro Z4

Huawei G610Huawei  G610 / U20 Roms

MIUI V5 Rom For Huawei G610 / U20 Build Number V100R001C00B115 Screenshots and Download Link

Voice Xtreme V65

Voice Xtreme V65 Roms

Note 3 Rom with air gesture support for Voice V65

XTouch Rom for Voice xtreme V65 – TEASER

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This Post Updated on 3rd January 2015  – INCPak Rom complete Listing .

Comments 62

  1. Sohail says:

    custom rom for Qmobile s5 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Anonymous says:

      hahahaha ab koi ni aaty Custom ROMS

      • FIA says:

        Mostly we were working on MTK processors and Qmobile phones, Updates were not available now you get several other options so I think there’s no need to work on Custom Roms

  2. Muhammad Saeed Saqib says:

    Please post a rom for Qmobile Noir A120

  3. Atthar Pathan says:

    Noir V2 ka stock rom chaye plz can any one help me plz regards

  4. Ameer Ali says:

    HEY developers please port any rom for Q Mobile X350 please please… I am very thankful to you all Guys….

  5. Mudasar Marth says:

    AOA, i want stock rom for qmobile noir x300

  6. cyber says:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    noir A300 ki custom rom available ho gi?
    Agr nahi hy to koi esi rom jo ap logn ny test kri ho n support krti ho noir A300 ko kindly bta den….

  7. hafeez says:

    plz any 1 help03135192344

  8. hafeez says:

    i have qmobile a8i stock rom but didmt work and stuck in bootloop

  9. Ali Ahmad khan says:

    Can anybody anybody:-( has Qmobile v2 here.If you have one can you please give me its ROM,the official one.

  10. Mohsin Anjum says:

    Salam to Developers. Plz make rom for voice extreme v20. plz plz plz

  11. Malik Azan says:

    Is there any Custom KitKat ROM for Q Z6?

  12. Ahmad Alyan Maan says:

    Is there any kitkat rom available for noir a300……??

  13. Muhammad Aqeel Naeem says:

    plz seriously tell me ,,any rom applicable for Noir A60 ROOTED

  14. Umar Farooq says:

    what is antutu benchmark score of voice xtreme x5, is it better then Qmob x800 16 gb?

  15. JOdd Gulxaar says:

    Need ROM for QMobile A120…….. PLZZZZ Need it………
    If any update on my request..inform me at [email protected]

  16. mmbilawal says:

    Kindly guys upload sumsung rom forr QMobile.noair a6

  17. homayon says:

    Plzzz Make Custon rom for voice Xtreem V40

  18. ahmad shah says:

    where can i download roms for noir a550

  19. naveed qamar says:

    any custom rom for A60 ?

  20. awais says:

    Plz help need stock ROM for mobile a 7 I lost my backup

  21. Awais says:

    Can someone make a kitkat rom for amobile a7

    • FIA says:

      A7 is dual core no updates for it

      • Awais says:

        at least you can try. check any other phones ROM like canvas a110 it has kitkat update.. im hoping that you will come up with some thing..

  22. Fahad says:

    please provide custom ROM or stock ROM for QMobile A300.

  23. Hassan says:

    Asalm-o-alikum admin

    Can you provide a custom rom kitkat for Q mobile A120..please.

    • FIA says:

      W/salaaam we do not have any member using A120 at this moment however you can join our forum and ask other members

  24. Ali says:

    Hi there, Can anybody please provide Qmobile A300 Stock ROM. I have messed up with my phone and need stock rom to revert back. I have done every possible way to fix this but no success. Only way to get it working is I need a Stock ROM. Thanks

  25. A.M khan says:

    i have rom for oppo r831k qmobie a900 beacuse a900 rom is very best for use

  26. Ali says:

    Hi there, If anybody have Qmobile A300 Stock ROM please help here I really messed up with this phone.

  27. Mustafa says:

    Plz put noir a 300 rom of any samsung galaxy phone.plz plz do it quick.if u do this i will click on every add on ur site.

  28. Mohsin says:

    Kindly add Qmobile i9 ROMS (especially AOKP/CM11 ported).
    Also please please please do a battery review on Qmobile i9. I’m hardly getting 6-7 hours with Wifi on a brand new i9 and around 11 hours max with minimal usage. I’m not even sure if its hardware or software issue. I’m confused

    • FIA says:

      It’s the stock rom issue not the Hardware issue , we are working on i9 roms STOCK Q ROM got battery sucking bugs …..

      • Mohsin says:

        but if its purely a software issue then why and how come other guy with i9 is getting around 19 hours max with 76 userapps while i can hardly squeeze 10 hours MAX with only 30 userapps and minimal usage. =((

        Surprisingly its actually Cell Standby & Phone Idle time thats draining the battery like crazy!! I even played around with changing SIM slots and switching to Aeroplane mode. On Aeroplane mode, phone idle time beats cell standby, otherwise its always Cell Standby that consumes around 40-45% of battery/ every charge. Its SUPER ANNOYING! coz i literally have to charge my every 6-7 hours. KINDLY do reply to this FIA. I’m so confused whether to claim warranty for this or not. =/

        btw FIA are you on facebook or twitter?

  29. hamza iqbal says:

    i need a custom rom for voice xtreme v30

  30. Sanaullah says:

    Please upload the Stock ROM for Qmobile A550 urgently needed.

  31. sahzad says:

    Need custom ROM for QMobile a120

  32. Ali says:

    Is there a custom rom, preferably KitKat, for the Q Mobile Noir A65?

  33. Haroon says:

    Assalam u Alaikum !
    I need a Custom or Stock rom for Qmobile Noir a300 anyone please help !

    I am waiting for your reply !

  34. Abdullah says:

    Dear All,

    Custom Rom and Recovery required for QMobile Noir i6

  35. Arshad says:

    i need custom rom for a60 which wish to be plus of 4.1. help me if you poeple can.thanx

  36. kashif says:

    Plz upload kitkat rom for a900!!!!!!

  37. Arshad says:

    please upload custom rom for voice v40

    • FIA says:

      Dear none of our member is using Voice V40 , we work on those phone which our team members owns.

  38. talha butt says:

    incpak can you make a jb custom rom for qmobile a80

    • FIA says:

      Dear Talha, we only work on those smarties which our team members owns personally, neither we are supported by Q fellas or anyone else we are completely independent source, None of our Team member owns A80 yet so I cannot help you with Custom Rom …

  39. Assalam O Alikum Br omad ha ka ap tektak how ga Q A34 Jellybean room Chahi ya 4.2.2 plez upload urgent thanksssssss in Advanceeeeeeee

    Skype id samionline1988

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